Publishing in Management Journals

This is a seminar for advanced master and doctoral students. The purpose of this course is to give graduate students practice in crafting manuscripts that are publishable in scholarly journals. Discussing and learning from research papers will be the primary format of this course. Preparing assigned reading material and working on your own paper are thus of the utmost importance. Students will also learn about the publication process.

Course objectives:

  1. To approach a current management topic from a scientific perspective
  2. To learn how to write a research paper
  3. To produce a research paper
  4. To improve communication and presentation skills


Course Type:

2 SWS / 6 C

Presentation (15 min)
Research paper (7000-10000 words)
Paper reviews

Attendance: 28 hours Self-study: 152 hours

Exam requirements:
Demonstrate a profound knowledge of a specific topic
in HRM and ability to develop theoretical and
practical implications.

Recommended prerequisites:
Prior knowledge in research methodology is expected.