ProBITS - Prozess-orientierte wirtschaftliche Bewertung und Auswahl von IT-Sicherheitsmaßnahmen (ProBITS)

Partners: Chair of Information Security and Compliance - University of Goettingen (Project Lead), University of Halle-Wittenberg, MSU solutions, RPD

Funding Body: BMBF (link)

Project Duration: 04/2021 - 03/2024
The joint project "Prozess-orientierte wirtschaftliche Bewertung und Auswahl von IT-Sicherheitsmaßnahmen" (ProBITS) aims to investigate the economic evaluation of IT security measures with a view to business processes. To this end, a multi-criteria decision model that can be used to record and evaluate ITS measures with regard to business processes and select them on the basis of economic target variables is being developed. In combination with the development of an extended process modeling language, a procedure model for the introduction and implementation of IT security measures, and a supporting IT tool, the project makes a significant contribution to increasing IT security while taking economic criteria into account. Companies in general and SMEs in particular benefit from this.