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This page contains a collection of online teaching material, which can also be used for self-studies. Note that the web pages are only suggestions and we do not take any responsibility for the content.

Visualizations of Statistical concepts

    A shiny web app, which visualizes the least-squares solution for linear regression and prime component analysis by considering the errors as springs attached to data points and regression line.

Online Courses

R packages

    A collection of R packages, which eases the evaluation, visualization, and reporting of statistical results. The collection contains the packages report, correlation, modelbased, bayestestR, parameters, performance, effectsize, insight, and see..

Online R material and books


General R

    “R for Data Science” by Hadley Wickham and Garret Grolemund. A basic introduction into the use of R for Data Science.
    “R Packages” by Hadley Wickham and Jenny Bryan explains everything you need to know when writing your own R package..


    “ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis” by Hadley Wickham. A detailed introduction to ggplot2 graphics.
    “Fundamentals of Data Visualization” by Claus O. Wilke about properties of good scientific graphics, but without code examples.
    “Data Visualization - A practical introduction” by Kieran Healy. A practical hands-on introduction into data visualization with R and ggplot2, containing lots of code examples.


Youtube Channels and Videos