Biosedimentology and Palaentology

Biosedimentology & Palaeontology

Gernot Arp’s research group focuses on the environmental conditions and microbial processes in recent and fossil sedimentary environments, in marine and non-marine waters.

The main focus of the research is on
(1) microbial rock formation by calcifying biofilms (stromatolite formation in saline lakes and karst water streams: Aldabra, Kiritimati, Nevada, Indonesia, Germany)
(2) the reconstruction of environmental conditions in fossil lakes (especially the Miocene asteroid impact crater Nördlinger Ries), and
(3) stratigraphy, sea-level changes and ocean current patterns in fossil epicontinental deposits (specifically the Lower Jurassic Schwarzjura Group).

Methodologically, the investigations comprise microfacies, palaeontological, geomicrobiological, hydrochemical, biogeochemical, and isotope geochemical analyses.The aim is to reveal changes in water chemistry and depositional conditions in lakes and oceans with the help of organism remains, geochemical environmental proxies and sedimentary criteria (palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, Earth, Mars).