GoeCOP: Göttingen Initiative for Cooperative Phenomena in the Natural Sciences

There is a wide range of expertise and ongoing research on the Göttingen Campus in the area of ​​non-equilibrium and cooperative dynamics. GoeCOP brings together researchers in this area to explore the scope for new collaborations and larger joint projects, using regular workshops and online resources.  

GoeCOP spans university departments from Physics and Mathematics to Chemistry and Biology, as well as the Max Planck Institutes for Dynamics and Self-Organization and for Biophysical Chemistry.   

Systems studied within GoeCOP range from:

(1) the molecular scale of homogeneous catalysts and biomolecules to

(2) low-dimensional and correlated solid-state materials and

(3) soft and active matter up to cellular architectures.  

GoeCOP aims to build, reinforce and extend connections between these fields on the basis of integrative experimental, computational and data-driven methods and models as well as common theoretical concepts.