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President Gerald Haug, Julia Fischer and secretary general Franziska Hornig. Photo: Markus Scholz (Leopoldina)

Julia Fischer elected to the Leopoldina

In recognition of her outstanding scientific achievements, SFB PI Julia Fischer has been elected a member of the Leopoldina - National Academy of Sciences. She thus becomes part of an exclusive community of researchers dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary research and scientific dialog.

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ERC funds Caspar Schwiedrzik for research into flexible learning

The European Research Council (ERC) awarded SFB-member Caspar Schwiedrzik with a Consolidator grant to study the learning processes of humans, rhesus monkeys and in computer models. The Grant is worth two million euros for a period of five years. This is already the second ERC grant for Caspar Schwiedrzik

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Nivi Mani and Viola Priesemann in the Chalk Talk Series

Season 3 of the Chalk Talk lecture series in the Forum Wissen will start off on Nov 3 at 16.30. SFB member Nivi Mani joins the series with a talk titled "Sollen wir wie Kinder lernen?". On Dec 1st, Viola Priesemann will be the second SFB member in this season's cast. She will speak about "Die Grenzen des exponentiellen Wachstums: Von Epidemiologie, neuronalen Netzen und Nachhaltigkeit". All presentations start at 4.30 PM, the admission is free.

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DFG funds new research training group "Curiosity"

The DFG decided to fund a new Research Training Group (RTG) "Curiosity" with around 7.8 Mio. Euro for five years to investigate when, why and how we select the one source of information that we pay particular attention to and from which we learn particularly well. The RTG is headed by spokesperson and SFB member Nivedita Mani. Other involved SFB members are Alexander Ecker, Claudia Fichtel, Julia Fischer, Julia Ostner, Viola Priesemann, Hannes Rakoczy, Anne Schacht, Caspar Schwiedrzik, Fabian Sinz, Michael Wibral and Florentin Wörgötter.

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