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from left to right: Alexander Gail, Minghao Cheng, Florentin Wörgötter, Fabian Sinz

Minghao Cheng successfully defends his PhD thesis!

Congratulations to our PhD student Minghao Cheng for successfully defending his PhD thesis on June 10! Minghao Cheng conducted his PhD thesis "Action understanding and prediction during inter-agent interaction" as part of our project B01 under the guidance of Florentin Wörgötter. He will now continue as a postdoctoral researcher within our SFB.

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SFB meets Göttinger Symphonic Orchestra

As part of the "Festival horizonte", SFB-PI Anne Schacht will join the Göttingen Symphonic Orchestra in the Forum Wissen on June 28. Anne will give a talk on what is actually happening when we listen to music; after the talk, the audience can experience these effects when listening to members of the Symphonic Orcestra playing music by Lucie Vallere, Vito Zuraj and Daniel Schnyder. As a special highlight, the Orchestra will perform the world premiere of the piece "bubble lava" by composer Marta Kowalczuk.

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SFB1528 at the Ideen-Expo in Hannover

The Ideen-Expo in Hannover is Europe's largest youth event for technology and science. We will be there the entire week and present SFB research as part of the Göttingen Campus exhibition in Ideenhalle 9. We started off on Saturday and Sunday with an exhibition of our newest setups, the Dyadic Interaction Platform and the Exploration Room. But we will also our field research and present our field site Simenti and our neurobiology labs.

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Ayuno Nakahashi wins fellowship from the Human Frontier Science Program

Our SFB postdoctoral researcher Ayuno Nakahashi has been awarded a three-year fellowship from the Human Frontier Science Program, making her one of only 11 percent of successful candidates for this highly prestigious international award. She will study social interactions and decision-making in rhesus monkeys, the basis for understanding neurological conditions such as those that occur in autism. With this project, Ayuno Nakahashi breaks away from conventional research methods that test subjects individually in settings they had been trained for over months. Instead, she will record wirelessly the activity of nerve cells in the brain of two animals that interact in much more naturalistic scenarios. For this project, Ayuno will continue work in very close cooperation with other SFB members.

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