Discussion Papers

SustainableFood Discussion Papers are research outputs from RTG participants and partners. They are meant to stimulate discussion, so that comments are welcome. Most manuscripts that appear as Discussion Papers are also formally submitted for publication in a journal. The responsibility for the contents of this publication rests with the author(s), not the RTG. Since discussion papers are of a preliminary nature, please contact the author(s) of a particular issue about results or caveats before referring to, or quoting, a paper. Any comments should be sent directly to the author(s).

SustainableFood Paper Series ISSN 2750-1671

  • No. 1: Information Source and Content – Drivers for Consumers’ Valuation of Fairly Traded Foods (December 2021). Liza von Grafenstein, Sarah Iweala, Anette Ruml. (download as PDF)
  • No. 2: The Indian Enigma revisited (June 2022). Liza von Grafenstein, Stephan Klasen, John Hoddinott. (download as PDF)