Hoang Phuong Tu

E-Mail: phuongtu.hoang@uni-goettingen.de

Topic: Forest succession analyses as the basis for close-to-nature reforestation planning in W Uganda

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ralph Mitlöhner

Information about the project:
The research project is conducted in the Budongo Central Forest Reserve (NW Uganda). Objects of study are the 80 major tree species in the Budongo area and their response pattern to the obvious limiting site factor, the Nitrogen (N) supply. The objectives of this research are: (1) to describe the forest-savanna gradient in Budongo; (2) to clarify and classify the N-absorption strategies of various woody species/ tree families and; (3) to understand the details of the termite-fungi relationship in the context of soil nitrogen allocation in man-made savanna. It is expected that these works contribute to a better understanding of tree nutrient strategies to overcome N-limitation in derived savannas of humid Central Africa and to elaborate a successful tree species selection for forest restoration.