Our research addresses basic and applied questions in tropical forest ecology and silviculture with three research foci: ecohydrology, applied vegetation ecology, and silviculture. We are interested in the interaction of plants such as competition and e.g. look at water resource partitioning. We study old-growth-forests, reforestations and agroforestry systems. The aim is to contribute to an ecologically sound management of tropical forests and tree based land use systems to conserve biodiversity and provide agreeable yields in human dominated tropical landscapes.

Current projects (selection)

  • Tree diversity and use in vanilla cultivation, Madagascar
    MWK Niedersachsen [detailed project description here]

  • Biodiversity enrichment planting in oil palm landscapes, Indonesia
    DFG, SFB990 [detailed project description here]

  • Tree and palm water use characteristics in rainforest transformation systems, Indonesia
    DFG, SFB990 [detailed project description here]

  • vanille