Central Infrastructure Projects

Z01Understanding the dynamics of naturalistic interactions with direct face-to-face contact and immediate time-continuous feedback (‘transparency’) is a central aim of the CRC. We will develop an integrated conceptual and methodological framework to elucidate behavioural and neural mechanisms of interactive decision-making in transparent settings. We will advance two complementary novel experimental platforms, the Dyadic Interaction Platform and the Exploration Room Platform, and share them across several CRC projects. The platforms will allow flexibly manipulating individual sensory and social information streams, and to integrate economic game theory with time-continuous sensorimotor decision-making and social signalling. Synergistically advancing these centralised platforms will facilitate the harmonisation of conceptual approaches between disciplines in this CRC.

Z02Studying social interactions and the underlying cognitive processes in humans and nonhuman primates requires observing and quantifying their behaviour, including body and head orientation, both in interactive lab settings and in the wild. The goal of this project is to develop methods for automated, video-based recognition, motion tracking, and pose estimation of individual nonhuman primates as well as recognition of action types and inter-agent interactions in groups of primates freely moving in the wild. The resulting Action Capture Platform will be highly beneficial for most projects in this CRC.