Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel

Silke Hüttel joined the University of Göttingen 2022 on the professorship “Agricultural and Food Business Management”, one of the core professorships in the field of agribusiness management.
Her fields of interest lie in identifying locally specific sustainable farming and land systems, how to bring agricultural firms towards such more sustainable systems—including high animal welfare livestock systems, new types of farming with smart technologies such as data-driven decision support or autonomous decisions—and how to create and sustain additional value from interaction with other stakeholders. Our group’s core interest is on managerial decisions in the field of agribusiness, such as identifying improvement potentials in the ecological and economic production dimension, regarding the business and technology adoption processes, and on valuations of core production factors such as land.

Research areas/ Forschungsschwerpunkte

  • farm management,
  • production and farm animal welfare economics
  • technology adoption and acceptance
  • climate change adaptation
  • eco-efficiency
  • farmland markets
  • policy impact analysis

Selected current responsibilities and positions:

  • Co-Spokesperson of Collaborative Research Center 1502 Regional Climate Change: Disentangling the Role of Land Use and Water ManagementDETECT
  • Co-Spokesperson of Research Unit FOR 2569 Farmland Markets – Efficiency and Regulation
  • Editor German Journal of Agricultural Economics GJAE
  • Scientific Advisory Board SustAinimal at SLU Sweden
  • Editorial Board European Review of Agricultural Economics (2017-2021)
  • Reviewer for DFG, DAAD, ANR, RCN and >25 journals
  • Mentor for female early-career researchers

Academic Career/ Akademischer Werdegang:

seit 4/2022: Leiterin der Professur für Management der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft, Department für Agrarökonomie und Rurale Entwicklung, Fakultät für Agrarwissenschaften der Universität Göttingen
9/2017-3/2022: Leiterin der Professur für Produktionsökonomik an der Landwirtschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Bonn
4/2014–8/2017: Leiterin der Professur Agrarökonomie an der Agrar- und Umweltwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Rostock
7/2011–3/2014: Juniorprofessorin für Quantitative Agrarökonomik, Department für Agrarökonomie, Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
4/2010–7/2010: Vertretung der Professur für Produktions- und Umweltökonomie, Institut für Lebensmittel- und Ressourcenökonomik, Universität Bonn
10/2009: Dr. rer. pol. an der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Quantitative Agrarökonomik
2005–2011: Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Forschungsgebiet Allgemeine Betriebslehre des Landbaus, Department für Agrarökonomie, Landwirtschaftlich-Gärtnerische Fakultät der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Publications and Conferences/ Publikationen und Vorträge

Heckelei, T., Hüttel, S., Odening, M., Rommel, J. (2023) Replication Data for: The p-value debate and statistical (mal)practice – implications for the agricultural and food economics community, Link
Humpesch, M., Seifert, S., Balmann, A., Hüttel, S. (2023) How does tenancy affect farmland prices? Effects of lease status, lease term and buyer type, Agricultural Finance Review, 83 (2), 242-263. Link
Jauernig, J., Brosig, S., Hüttel, S. (2023) Profession and residency matter: Farmers' preferences for farmland price regulation in Germany. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 74 (3), 816-834. Link


Leonhardt, H., Hüttel, S., Lakes, T., Wesemeyer, M., Wolff, S. (2022) Applications of Land-use Data from the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) in Scientific Research: A scoping Review Pilot Analysis. Link
Welting, M., Hüttel, S. (2022) Sustainable Intensification Farming as an Enabler for Farm Eco-Efficiency?, Environmental and Resource Economics. Link
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Heckelei, T., Hüttel, S., Odening, M., Rommel, J. (2021) The replicability crisis and the p-value debate – what are the consequences for the agricultural and food economics community? Link
Winklhofer, P., Andert, S., Hüttel, S., Gerowitt, B. (2021) Measuring On-Farm Phosphorus Fertiliser Use—Lessons Learned from Surveying Data of Five Regions in Northern Germany, Agronomy. 2021 11(11) Link
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