RTG 2756

Cytoskeletal elements of active matter – from molecular interactions to cellular biophysics (CYTAC)

The research training group (RTG) 2756 “Cytoskeletal elements of active matter – from molecular interactions to cellular biophysics”, based at the Georg-August University of Göttingen, is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from January 2023 to December 2027.

The cytoskeleton is a complex network of protein filaments of living cells. It is responsible for mechanical and dynamic properties of the cell and thus instrumental for many important cellular functions. The Research Training Group “Cytoskeletal elements of active matter – from molecular interactions to cellular biophysics (CYTAC)” is devoted to covering all length scales involved - from the level of individual molecules, through mesoscopic filaments and membranes, all the way to cells. Naturally, this research is performed in a highly interdicsiplinary manner and involves physics, physical and bio-chemistry, cell biology and mathematical data analysis.

CYTAC seminar series winter semester 23/24

17:15 in HS 5

October 24, 2023: Prof. Dr. Vicenzo Lombardi (University of Florence)

November 7, 2023: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bausch (Technical University of Munich)

November 11, 2023: Prof. Dr. Silke Henkes (Leiden University)

December 5, 2023: Prof. Dr. François Nédélec (University of Cambridge)

January 9, 2024: Prof. Dr. Annette Zippelius (University of Göttingen)

January 23, 2024: Prof. Dr. Karsten Kruse (University of Geneva)

February 4, 2024: Prof. Dr. Melina Schuh (Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences)

February 20, 2024: Prof. Dr. Mohan Balasubramanian (University of Warwick)

Events and Highlights

  • October 2023: Our first CYTAC Publication is out! Pallavi Kumari published The unique biomechanics of intermediate filaments – From single filaments to cells and tissues
  • September 2023: We meet at Neudietendorf close to Erfurf for our first CYTAC retreat

  • May 2023: Our first cohort is now complete!

  • April 2023: We start our CYTAC seminar series with our first visitor Heiko Rieger from Saarland University

  • March 2023: RTG 2756 Welcome Day

  • January 2023: Most of the PhD students of the first cohort have arrived and started their research work. Welcome!

  • May 2022: Our RTG will get funded by the DFG starting from January 2023 for initially five years! (Press release of the University of Göttingen and press release of the DFG)