Replication packages

Seifert, S., Wolff, S., Hüttel, S. (2024) Replication Data for: Eco-efficiency in the agricultural landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, V2. Link
Isenhardt, L., Seifert, S., Hüttel, S. (2024) Replication Data for: Tenant Favoritism and Right of First Refusals in Farmland Auctions: Competition and Price Effects, V2. Link
Hüttel, S., Seifert, S., Schöndube, A. (2023) Bodenrichtwertermittlung mittels hedonischer Regression, V1. Link
Heckelei, T., Hüttel, S., Odening, M., Rommel, J. (2023) Replication Data for: The p-value debate and statistical (mal)practice – implications for the agricultural and food economics community, V2. Link
Massfeller, M., Meraner, M., Hüttel, S., Uehleke, R. (2022) Data on farmers’ acceptance of results-based agri-environmental schemes. Data in Brief, 45, 108642. Link