Linus Nuppnau

Bachelor student

I am working on the characterization of the Dicer-like 2 (DCL2) homologous gene in Zea mays L. in the context of grain yield heterosis. The maize genome encodes one single homolog of the DCL2, which is located on the short arm of chromosome 5 and whose function is unknown. Additionally, RNA-seq data show strong evidence of a DCL2-isoform specifically expressed in sperm cells. In comparison to other plant species, DCL2 is a potential candidate for the production of 22nt small RNAs (sRNAs). Together with the fact that 22nt sRNAs are not produced in the RNA-dependent DNA methylation pathway, these findings render the DCL2 homolog of maize an interesting gene to study its function. Therefore, I use the BonnMu resource to perform a gene-knockout experiment and RT-PCR to characterize isoforms and alternative splicing in different tissues and cell types.

Linus left us on March 2024 to continue with a MSc in Leipzig.