Enlight Open Calls

The calls are open as from 2 April 2024. Each call targets joint proposals for specific types of actions involving at least three ENLIGHT instutions.

1. Call for ENLIGHT Incubator Grants: to support joint future-proof education projects and stepping-stones for international learning across the six ENLIGHT focus areas

2. Call for ENLIGHT Thematic Networks: to support interdisciplinary academic networks for developing joint challenge-based activities linking education, research and outreach across the six ENLIGHT focus areas

3. ENLIGHT+ call: to foster new emerging joint (small-scale, inclusive and/or sustainable) initiatives across disciplines

Please check the specific aims for each call together with the specific deadlines and forms on the ENLIGHT Homepage .

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Göttingen ENLIGHT team at enlight@uni-goettingen.de