Andrew Nevins

Current Research in Distributed Agree and Distributed Ellipsis

June 19 (Mon), at VG 4.102

14:15-15:45: An overview of Distributed Agree, Distributed Ellipsis, and the Structure of Spellout
16:15-17:45: Distributed Agree in Southern Bantu Conjunct Agreement

June 20 (Tue), at VG 4.103

12:15-13:45: Agreement Strategies with Conjuncts and Disjuncts in French Sign Language

June 21 (Wed), at Nikolausberger Weg 23, Room 2.112

9:00-10:30: Distributed Ellipsis and South Slavic Verb Agreement

July 1 (Sat), at Nikolausberger Weg 23, Room 2.112

10:30-12:00: Open Seminar on Current Graduate Student Research and Applications to DM