Collaborations and Relationships

The University of Göttingen and its partner institutions, the Laser Laboratory Göttingen e.V., the Fachhochschule Göttingen HAWK, as well as at the various Max-Planck Institutes in Göttingen offer an ideal environment to establish such a centre, which has already a large impact for neighboring research groups in soft and hard condensed matter physics, chemistry, materials science, biophysics, structural biology, geo science, environmental science, and medicine. The centre can build on existing programmes, like SFB 602 “Complex Structures from Atomic to Mesoscopic Scales”, SFB 755 "Nanoscale Photonic Imaging", SFB 803 "Functionality controlled by organization in and between membranes", SFB 937 "Collective behavior of soft and biological matter", the DFG Research Centre "Molecular Physiology of the Brain" including the Excellence Cluster "Microscopy at the Nanometer Range" as well as graduate school GRK 782 (Graduiertenkolleg, GRK) "Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecular Coils and Aggregates".