Commitment to ethical conduct

jointly created by the students and researchers of the Linguistics Department

In fostering a culture of mutual respect within our community, we declare our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct. We are aware of our role as members of a social network in an academic institution. This declaration presents our reflection about the responsibilities that result from this role.

We are part of a social network!

At the core of our values is a profound respect for every member of our department, acknowledging the diverse perspectives and backgrounds that enrich our collective experience. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to cultivate an inclusive environment that fosters learning and contributes to the broader social network.

We are part of an academic institution!

We commit to upholding the principles of honesty, transparency, fairness, and rigor in all academic endeavors. Recognizing the profound impact our research and scholarship can have on society, we pledge to conduct ourselves with diligence, ensuring the credibility and reliability of our contributions. We pledge to conduct research that prioritizes the well-being of individuals and communities, adhering to ethical guidelines and safeguarding the rights and dignity of all involved (see relevant sites on the right panel). We recognize the freedom of individuals to express and disseminate their opinions, while also expecting everyone to be receptive to constructive scientific criticism.

We are linguists!

Ethical considerations cut across disciplines, yet as linguists with a focus on linguistic and cultural diversity, we bring a particular sensitivity to related issues. We are committed to ensuring the full integration of everyone, transcending linguistic barriers. We encourage an open-minded approach towards embracing the diverse cultures and identities of fellow students.

Initiated in a discussion at the General Linguistics Colloquium on 07.06.2023, the reflections in this draft are open to continuous enrichment and refinement. The student council and the department are eager to engage with you on any relevant matters, fostering an open exchange of ideas and information.