Curriculum vitae

born: June 27, 1970 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

School and studies

  • 10/1989 - 06/1994:
    Studies at the University of Kassel: Chemistry and biology for teaching at secondary school
  • 06/1994:
    First state exam, Title of thesis: "Packaging materials based on starch ? under technological, ecological and didactical aspects"
  • 10/1994 - 03/1999:
    Additional studies at the University of Essen: Ecology
  • 03/1999:
    Diploma, title of thesis: "On the occurrence of silica in soils on technogenic substrates"


  • 01/1999 - 08/2002:
    Scientific staff at the Institute of Soil Science, Univer­sity of Giessen
  • 07/2002:
    PhD at the Geography Department of the University of Marburg, title of thesis: "Genesis, distribution and properties of periglacial slope deposits in the Rhenish Massif - examples from Westerwald, Hunsrück und Eifel"


  • 09/2002-08/2004:
    Postdoc in the post graduate program "Strategies of avoiding emissions of climate-relevant gases and environmentally toxic substances from agriculture and land use" at Hohenheim University, based at the Institute of Soil Science

  • May 2003: short-term lectureship at the University of Evora (Portugal)

  • 09/2004-12/2004:
    Scientific staff of the Physical Geography Group of the University of Bamberg in the mapping project "Quaternary of the Danube Valley and the valleys of the Small and Big Laaber" (financed by the Geological Survey of Bavaria)


  • 01/2005 - 04/2011:
    Scientific staff at the Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation of Hohenheim University
    - development of a working group focussing on pedogenesis, soil chemistry, paleopedology and geomorphology, aiming at contributing to reconstruction of landscape history and at determining and quantifying silicon fractions and their dynamics in soils and landscapes

  • 06/2011 Habilitation in Soil Science; Title of the habilitation thesis: "Direction and rates of soil development in different climates"

Occupational activity

  • 05/2011-07/2015: Interim Full Professorship, substituting the currently non-occupied position of the Chair of Landscape / Geoecology, Institute of Geography, University of Technology, Dresden, Germany

  • October 2011: Guest scientist at Jilin University, Changchun, China

  • February 2014: Guest scientist at University of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain

  • March 2014: Guest scientist at University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

  • Since 08/2015 Full Professor, Head of the Department Physical Geography, Institute of Geography, University of Göttingen, Germany

Official functions and other relevant activities

  • since 2012: Chair of the INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) Focus Area Group PASTSOILS: Paleosol and soil analysis for assessing climate, time and duration of land surface stability of Quaternary terrestrial systems

  • since 2012: Leader of the INQUA Project RAISIN: Rates of soil forming processes obtained from soils and paleosols in well-defined settings

  • since 2010: Chair of the Paleopedology Commission of the International Union of Soil Sciences

  • since 2008: Member of the advisory board of DEUQUA (German Quaternary Association)

  • since 2006: Member of the Working Group on Soil Taxonomy of the DBG

  • Editorial work

    Assistant Editor of "E&G Quaternary Science Journal"

    Editorial Board Member of "Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science"

  • 2015: Guest Editor: Special Issue ?Rates of soil-forming processes and aeolian influx? (papers of the workshops ?Mediterranean palaeosols: evidence of the continuous interplay between climatic and event driven pedogenesis, with a special focus on the role played by dust inputs? 2012 in Florence, Italy and ?Rates of soil forming processes ? achievements, challenges, research gaps ?? 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. In: Quaternary International.

  • 2014: Guest Editor: Special Issue ??Soils and paleosols as archives of natural and anthropogenic environmental changes? (papers of the session ?Soils and sediments as natural archives? at the Eurosoil Congress 2012 in Bari, Italy. In: European Journal of Soil Science

  • 2013: Guest Editor: Special Issue ?Landscapes & Soils through Time? (papers of the conference ?Landscapes & Soils through Time? 2011 at Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany). In: Catena.

  • 2009: Guest Editor: Special Issue ?Recent developments and new frontiers in Paleopedology (paleopedological contributions to the INQUA congress 2007. Quaternary International 209.

  • 2008: Guest Editor: Focus Issue ?Imprint of Environmental Change on Paleosols? (paleopedological contributions to the World Congress of Soil Science 2006 in Philadelphia) in: Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 171, 4: 482-551.

  • Reviewer work for National Science Foundations

  • DFG (German Science Foundation)

  • SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation)

  • Reviewer work for various international journals

  • Biogeochemistry; Botanical Studies; Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science; European Journal of Soil Science; Geoderma; Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science; Journal of Soils and Sediments; Marine Chemistry; Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology; Radiocarbon; Soil Science Society of America Journal