Dani Nassif, Lehrbeauftragter am Seminar für Arabistik/ Islamwissenschaft II

Dani Nassif is currently an adjunct lecturer of Arabic studies at the University of Münster and the University of Göttingen. He also works as a copy-editor and a translator in both languages Arabic and English. He was a doctoral fellow at the DFG Research Training Group “Literary Form: History and Culture of Aesthetic Modelling” at the University of Münster, and, since 2017, he is a member of the research group “Contested Amnesia Dissonant Narratives” at the University of Zurich (dissonantnarratives.ch). His research interests include modern Arabic literature and culture, with a particular focus on war and postwar trauma, and has several publications in this regard, in both Arabic and English, such as “Al-Mawtu ʿamalun shāqq: Death, Corpse, and the Afterlife During the Syrian War” (2019), “The War, the Undead, and the Labyrinthine aṭlāl: The Case of Postwar Beirut in Rabee Jaber’s Novel The Mehlis Report.” Thinking Through Ruins: Genealogies, Functions, and Inerpretations. Eds. Enass Khansa, Konstantin Klein, and Barbara Winckler. Berlin: Kadmos, 325–342 (2022), and “الخيال وفجيعة الماضي شهادات الموتى-الأحياء في رواية ربيع جابر ’بيريتوس: مدينة تحت الأرض‘:” (special issue Alif, 2022). He is also interested in teaching methodologies and curriculum development and has a long career as instructor and academic coordinator at leading academic institutions in UAE and Lebanon.