Data & Documentation

In the following we provide information on data access and data documentation:

  • The full and integrated panel dataset of the SCIP project will soon be available for researchers as scientific use file and can be downloaded free of charge after registration at GESIS (

    Please cite the dataset as follows: Claudia Diehl, Merove Gijsberts, Ayse Guveli, Matthias Koenig, Cornelia Kristen, Marcel Lubbers, Frances McGinnity, Peter Mühlau, and Lucinda Platt (2015). Socio-Cultural Integration Processes of New Immigrants in Europe (SCIP) - Data file for download. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne.

  • A methodological report including information on sampling procedures, incentive strategies, response rates, and panel attrition is available for download as pdf.

    Please cite the report as follows: Gresser Anne, and Diana Schacht (2015). SCIP Survey - Methodological Report. Konstanz (

  • In addition, the questionnaires and codebooks are available for download as pdf for wave 1 and wave 2.