Broschüre zur Ausstellung "Changing Vistas of Europe"

Wir freuen uns, dass die Broschüre zu unserer Ausstellung "Changing Vistas of Europe"erschienen ist, die aus sieben Porträts von Geflüchteten aus Asien und Afrika besteht.
Für Fragen zur Ausleihe der Ausstellung (in englischer Sprache) kontaktieren Sie bitte: lukas.hofmann[AT]
Die Ausstellung besteht aus ingesamt 15 Plakaten, die wir bisher auf Stellwänden ausgestellt haben.

CHANGING VISTAS OF EUROPE. Refugees' Concepts of Europe Before and After Arrival
This brochure complements the seven portraits of refugees from Asia and Africa presented in the exhibition "Changing Vistas of Europe". The portraits reveal seven very different life courses and experiences before, during and after migration, and different concepts of Europe.
While public discourses tend to present very generalized and homogenized images of "immigrants" or "refugees", the exhibition invites a consideration of the differences between the experiences and perspectives of these seven people. It will be seen that the idea of migration for economic reasons is not only oversimplified, but in most cases inaccurate.