Digitization of specimens

Since the end of 2007, with support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Göttingen University Herbarium is partner of the Global Plants Initiative (GPI), the union of the African Plants Initiative (API) and the Latin American Plants Initiative (LAPI). The aim of this project is to digitize the type material located in the partner herbaria and present a comprehensive online research tool (http://plants.jstor.org/).

The digitization of our type specimens, several historical collections as well as our Macaronesian collections is nearly completed. The digitized images from GOET can be searched at:


Materials contributed by Göttingen University Herbarium (GOET)

We are currently in the process migrating our database to the German Virtual Herbarium (http://vh.gbif.de/vh/static/en_startpage.html) and to the collections portal of Göttingen University (http://sammlungen.uni-goettingen.de), so that researchers whose institutions have no subscription of jstor plants will have full access to our digitized collections.