Dissertationen (seit 2010)

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Zhu, Zihui: Methods of estimating tree crown volume in urban forests

Purnama, Edwine Setia: Development of a spatio-temporal model to describe the dynamics of forest cover changes in Jambi, Indonesia

Graf, Wanda: Scale Mismatch: A Major Challenge in Integrated Forest Monitoring, Combining Remote Sensing and Sample Based Field Observations (Centre for Statistics | DFG funded Research Training Group 1644 'Scaling Problems in Statistics' (P3-3))

Urban, Kira: Land use patterns in Jambi – quantification of structure, heterogeneity and changes of vegetation and land use as a basis for the explanation of ecological and socioeconomic functions (Sonderforschungsbereich 990: Ökologische und sozioökonomische Funktionen tropischer Tieflandregenwald-Transformationssysteme (Sumatra, Indonesien))

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Trucios-Caciano, Ramon (2020): Quantifying the uncertainty caused by sampling, modeling, and field measurements in the estimation of AGB with information of the national forest inventory in Durango, Mexico

Kukunda, Collins B. (2019): Scale Issues in Forest Biophysical Variable Estimation (Centre for Statistics | DFG-funded Research Training Group 1644 'Scaling Problems in Statistics' (P1-5))

Sarodja, Damayanti (2018): Integrating field and RapidEye data for above-ground biomass estimation: A study in the tropical peat-swamp forest of Sebangau, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Jenke, Almut (2018): International Forest Regime: Politics and Policies (Fragmentation of Information Procurement from Large Area Forest Inventory and the Link to the International Forest Regime-Complex)

Mo, Dengkui (2018): Further Developing Processing Techniques of Optical Satellite Images in the Context of Forst Monitoring

Melati, Dian Nuraini (2017): The use of remote sensing data to monitor land use systems and forest variables of the tropical rainforest landscape under transformation in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia (Sonderforschungsbereich 990: Ökologische und sozioökonomische Funktionen tropischer Tieflandregenwald-Transformationssysteme (Sumatra, Indonesien))

Aberle, Henning (2016): Hyperspectral remote sensing and field measurements for forest characteristics - a case study in the Hainich National Park, Central Germany

Nölke, Nils (2016): Integrating Remote Sensing Techniques into Forest Management: Selected Topics with a Focus on Thermal Remote Sensing

Tang, Xiaolu (2015): Estimation of Carbon Stock and Stock Change Depending on Management - A Case Study in Shitai County, China

Mundhenk, Philip (2014): Integrating Remotely Sensed Data into Forest Resource Inventories: the Impact of Model and Variable Selection on Estimates of Precision

Magdon, Paul (2013): Fernerkundliche Waldflächenerfassung im Kontext internationaler Umweltabkommen - Eine Analyse kritischer Faktoren

Beckschäfer, Philip (2013): Quantitative Characterization and Analysis of Forest Structure as a Basis to Develop Biodiversity Monitoring Tools for the Upper Mekong Region

Vega-Araya, Mauricio (2012): Application of Hyper-spectral and Radar Remote Sensing Analysis: A Case Study of Forest Landscapes in Costa Rica

Buschmann, Axel (2011): Bruthabitatmodelierung für den Rotmilan im EU-Vogelschutzgebiet "Unteres Eichsfeld" - Eine fernerkundungsgestützte Studie unter spezieller Berücksichtigung der Landschaftsstruktur

Fischer, Christoph (2011): Further Development and Adaptation of Large Area Forest Inventories and Remote Sensing Applications to Comprehensive Data Providers for International Processes

Seidel, Dominik (2011): Terrestrial Laser Scanning – Applications in Forest Ecological Research (Korreferent Prof. Kleinn)

Yang, Haijun (2011): New Adaptive Plot Designs for Sampling Rare and Clustered Populations

Riyahi Bakhtyare, Hamid Reza (2010): Evaluation of the Capability of QuickBird Data for Automatic Delineation of Individual Tree Crowns in Sparse Deciduous Forests Case-Study in the Zagros Region of Iran