Dr. Harold James Hughes


Scientific collaborator

I am a geochemist whose work focuses on continental weathering fluxes and surface biogeochemical cycles. I am particularly interested in developing proxies to study biogeochemical fluxes in the environment.

    General research Interests

  • Continental biogeochemical Si cycle
  • Continental weathering
  • "Non-traditional" stable isotopes as proxies for surface geochemical fluxes
  • Problems related to dust emission from bare soil areas (erosion, air pollution, nearby soil contamination)

    Silicon cycle

  • Development of new proxies to trace Si fluxes in the rock-soil and soil-plants systems (Si/Ge ratios and Si isotopes).
  • Quantification of the biogenic Si pools in various soil types.
  • Use of Si/Ge ratios and Si isotopes for tracing Si cycling in the systems rock-soil, soil-plants etc.
  • Drought-stress mitigating effect of Si

Erasmus+ (Key Action 103)

Coordinator for the Faculty of Geoscience and Geography
For all general requests please write to: erasmus@geo.uni-goettingen.de
For urgent matters only, please write to: hhughes@uni-goettingen.de


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