The University of Göttingen and the collaboration partners involved in RTG 2906 (the German Primate Center, the Max Planck Institute and the European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen), are committed to improving the conditions and opportunities of women and under-represented groups in science. In addition to policy-led change, the Göttingen campus supports women and minority groups with a number of mentorship programs, e.g., the Dorothea Schlözer, the Margaret Maltby and the Short-Term International Mentorship (STIM) programs. The University of Göttingen is a member of the best practice network “Familie in der Hochschule” and maintains a “Family Service” unit to assist caregivers with flexible childcare arrangements. 

RTG 2906 is a research community that is actively working to reduce inequality

  • Bias awareness workshops are offered to researchers of all genders

  • Female researchers have access to individual and to group-coaching opportunities

  • Women and under-represented researchers are encouraged to apply for additional training events as-needed

  • Kick-start funds are available to late-stage female PhD students

RTG 2906 provides a family-friendly work environment:

  • Meetings take place within family-friendly hours

  • Flexible working hours allow researchers the freedom to arrange their work schedule to suit family commitments

  • Researchers with care responsibilities have access to additional student research assistants