Colloquium 2020

Programme Colloquium Lichtenberg-Kolleg

The Fellow colloquium takes place Wednesdays, 4.15-5.45 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) in the Green Hall of the Historic Observatory. Guest are very welcome.

  • 8th January 2020
    Birgit Erdle (Lichtenberg-Kolleg):
    Broken universalism. Siegfried Kracauer's political thought

  • 15th January 2020
    Thomas Maissen (German Historical Institute Paris):
    Britannia and her sisters in the 17th and 18th century. Political representation and iconography

  • 22nd January 2020
    Dirk Moses (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney)
    Postwar Memory, Postcolonial Conflict, and the Construction of ‘Genocide’

  • 29th January 2020
    Richard Fisher:
    Publishing Strategies in the English-speaking world

  • 22nd April 2020
    Mark Hutchinson, Jan Rybak (University of York):
    Ideas of citizenship in the Holy Roman Empire and the Weimar Republic: rethinking the relationship between civil society and the state

  • 29th April 2020
    Kathryn David
    Beyond official atheism: Soviet religious policy and postwar expansion

  • 6th May 2020
    Philipp Hölzing (Suhrkamp)
    Academic publishing

  • 13th May 2020, 6:15 - 7:45 p.m.
    Till van Rahden (Université de Montréal)
    Book Launch: Demokratie. Eine gefährdete Lebensform

  • 20th May 2020
    Benjamin Tate (Princeton University Press)
    Publishing Monographs in the Social Sciences and Humanities

  • 3rd June 2020, 6:15 - 7:45 p.m.
    Phil Gorski
    White Christian Nation? Race, Religion and Politics in the Making of American Identity

  • 10th June 2020
    Alex Jordan
    Thomas Carlyle and the Captains of Industry

  • 17th June 2020
    David Meola (University of South Alabama)
    More than Revolutionaries: Jews in the Vormaerz Liberal Movement

  • 24th June 2020
    Deniz Kilincoglu
    Learning to Feel Like a Nation: Nationalism and Emotions in Turkish Classrooms

  • 1st July 2020
    Daniel Wildmann
    Love and Tears. Feelings about Jews in Weimar Cinema