Inaugural Conference Courant Research Centre PEG

The University of Göttingen, Germany, with funding from the ‘excellence initiative’ of the federal government, has recently founded a new research center dedicated to the empirical analysis of poverty, equity, and growth issues in developing and transition countries.

The Courant Research Centre "Poverty, Equity and Growth in Developing and Transition Countries: Statistical Methods and Empirical Analysis" will now hold its Inaugural Conference from the 1st until the 3rd of July at the University of Göttingen, Germany.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

Martin Ravallion (World Bank)
Petra Todd (University of Pennsylvania)
Elisabeth Sadoulet (University of California, Berkeley)
Ludwig Fahrmeir (University of Munich)
Manfred Deistler (University of Vienna)
Barry Goodwin (North Carolina State University)

The conference will take place at the historic observatory, the building where Carl Friedrich Gauß lived and worked for decades until his death.

The Conference will start on the evening of the 1st of July (about 6 pm) and end in the late afternoon of the 3rd.