M.Agr. 0009 Biological Control and Biodiversity (6 ECTS / 4 SWS)

Prof. Dr. S. Vidal
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Agricultural Entomology


Type of instruction/contact hours
Lecture /40h , seminar/ 20h

Frequency (WS/SS) and duration
WS, one semester

Prof. Dr. S. Vidal
Department of Crop Science, Division of Agricultural Entomology
Prof. Dr. T. Tscharntke
Department of Crop Science, Division of Agricultural Ecology

Content and objectives
Biological control of pests and weeds. The main antagonists and their importance in biological control are discussed. Theory and practice of different biological control methods are presented. Steps of a classical biological or inundative control are explained and illustrated by practical examples of biological control projects. Biodiversity and the contribution of an ecosystem to the agro-ecosystem, plant-herbivore-predator interactions and the principles of population dynamics are presented. In the seminar students will give a presentation on recent research results, which will be discussed in context with the topics of in the lecture.

Students gain an understanding of what biological control is and how it can be
used effectively as part of an IPM system and how biodiversity contributes
to the control of pest populations and other ecosystem services.

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge of biological control methods of herbivore insects, practical examples for development of bio-control techniques. Population dynamics of herbivore insects, multi-trophic interaction between plants, insects pests and antagonists. Role of biodiversity and its contribution to ecosystems.


Written Test 45 minutes, seminar presentation 20 minutes
Grade composition: Written Test 67%, seminar presentation 33%

Entrance requirements

Number of students