M.Agr. 0010 Biotechnological Applications in Plant Breeding (6 C/4 SWS)

Dr. C. Möllers, Department of Crop Science, Division of Plant Breeding


Student workload
180h ( 56 h contact time)

Type of instruction

Lecture 28 h
Practical 22 h
Seminar 6 h

Frequency (WS/SS)

Dr. C. Möllers, Dr. W. Ecke


Students will gain advanced knowledge in theory and practice of the application of
biotechnology and molecular genetics in plant breeding.
The main topics in the lecture and practical are:
- application of in vitro propagation
- production and use of haploids
- interspecific sexual and somatic hybridization
- direct and indirect gene transfer
- biochemical and molecular characterization of transgenic plants
- present use in gene technology and risk assessment
- quality and use of different types of markers in plant breeding
In the seminar the application of biotechnology in plant breeding and agriculture today will be presented and critically discussed.

Students are able to use their knowledge of biotechnological methods to solve present problems.
They learn to critically analyze, evaluate and report complex scientific papers.

Exam requirements
Advanced knowledge of the main biotechnological methods and applications in plant breeding

Written test 90 minutes

Prerequisite for the examination
Seminar presentation 20 minutes

Entrance requirements

Number of students