M.Agr. 0039 Molecular Techniques in Phytopathology (6 C/4 SWS)

Prof. P. Karlowsky, Department of Crop Science, Division of Molecular
Phytopathology and Mycotoxin Research

Language –English

Student Workload ----180h ----(56h contact time)

Type of Instruction---------Lecture ( 28 h) and Practical (28 )

Frequency (WS/SS) ---------WS

Prof. P. Karlowsky, Division of Molecular Phytopathology and Mycotoxin Research
Dr. B. Koopman, Division of Division of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection

Basic theoretical and practical knowledge of the chemistry of nucleic acids and proteins
Understanding techniques in molecular biology.
Solutions for several scientific problems are demonstrated and discussed.

- Isolation of plasmid and total DNA
- Isolation of DNA-fragments from agarose gels
- analysis of restriction
- agarose-gel electrophoresis
- cloning of PCR products (enzymatic modification, ligation)
- transformation and in vivo amplification of plasmids
- DNA blotting
-non-radioactive marking of DNA probes (DIG-dUTP)
- southern-hybridization and immunological detection of hybridized
probes using chemoluminescent substrates
- ITS-RFLP analysis of fungal pathogens of oilseed rape
- real-time PCR diagnostic of mycotoxin producing fungi infecting cereals

- Knowledge of methods to deal with nucleic acids.
- ability to transfer and develop methods for solving scientific questions/topics
- presentation and interpretation of scientific results

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge of the structure of nucleic acids, enzymes and their use in molecular biological experiments,
standard methods of analysis (southern blot, PCR, elecrophoresis, DNA-sequencing), analysis of multivariable data and
different methods solving scientific questions.

Oral examination, 20 minutes

Entrance requirements

Number of students