M.Agr. 0045 Mycology (6 C/6 SWS)

Prof. A v. Tiedemann, Department of Crop Science, Division of Phytopathology and Plant Protection

Language -------English

Student Workload 180 h (80 h contact time)

---- Lecture (20h), Practical ( 60 h)

Frequency (WS/SS)------ WS

Instructors------------Prof. A. v. Tiedemann, Dr. B. Koopmann

Lecture and practical
- ecology and taxonomy of relevant pathogenic fungi
- taxonomic classification
- isolation of fungi, production of antagonists
- detection of natural fungi in soil
- seed disinfection
- pathogenicity of biotrophic and necrotrophic fungi
- identification of races in powdery mildew
- fungicide resistance

Students are able to identify phytopathogenic fungi, to plan and carry out experiments in a team and to evaluate and present experimental results

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge of the taxonomy, life cycles and ecology of fungi, diagnostic characteristics, plant disease symptoms and defense mechanisms

Examination --- Oral examination, 20 minutes

Entrance requirements----none

Number of students--------14