M.Agr. 0050 Nematology (6 C/4 SWS)

Prof. S. Vidal, Department of Crop Science, Division of Entomolgy


Student Workload
180h ( 60h contact time)

Type of instruction
Practical (40 h ), Seminar ( 20 h)

one semester


Prof. S. Vidal

The module deals with the biology of plant-pathogenic nematodes and their importance in plant protection.
The morphological characteristics of most important groups of nematodes are studied using as living organisms or prepared slides . Interactions between plant-parasitic nematodes and host plants are discussed. The significance of nematodes in bio control using inundative release methods will be presented.
In the practical students will get to know and learn how to identify different nematode species.
They will dissect phytoparasitic nematodes and prepare slides. In practical experiments the possible use of nematodes in toxicity tests will be discussed.

Knowledge of the morphology and anatomy of nematodes, their significance as plant pests; different methods of quantification and control of nematodes, importance and ways of use of nematodes in biological control programs; significance of nematodes in processes regulating the ecological balance.
Students will learn to develop, formulate and evaluate scientific problems and methods by preparing a seminar presentation on recent research topics.

Exam requirements
Thorough knowledge of the main characteristics of nematodes; differentiation of nematodes according to their living habitat; mechanisms and effect of biological control using nematodes; significance of nematodes in biodiversity, preparation of a written paper and seminar presentation.

Written examination--------45 minutes (68 %)
Written paper ------max 30 pages (16% )
Seminar presentation------20 minutes---- (16%)

Entrance requirements

Number of students