M.Agr. 0056 Plant Breeding Methodology and Genetic Resources (6 C/4 SWS)

Prof. Dr. H.C. Becker, Department of Crop Science, Division of Plant Breeding


Student Workload
180h (56h contact time)

Type of instruction
Lecture-------------44 h
Seminar -----------12 h

Frequency (WS/SS) and duration
SS, one semester

Prof. Dr. H.C. Becker, Prof. Dr. W. Link

Principles of breeding methodology: Response to selection, breeding methods for clonal, line,
Hybrid and population cultivars. Marker assisted selection for monogenic and polygenic traits.
Use of plant genetic resources: wild species, ex-situ and in-situ conservation, on-farm management. Breeding for marginal environments, demonstrated with examples from temperate and tropical regions.

Students learn to combine classical and molecular techniques to solve present problems in
plant breeding. Students learn to draw critical conclusions from recent
research papers and to clearly communicate these to scientists and students in their own
seminar presentations.

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge : population genetics, marker assisted plant breeding, concepts of using plant genetic resources. Good knowledge: pre-breeding, plant breeding categories and methods.

Written Test --------------------90 minutes 80%,
Seminar presentation--- ----20 minutes 20%

Entrance requirements
Basic knowledge (B.Sc. level) in genetics and plant breeding

Number of students