M.Agr. 0057 Plant Virology (6 C/6 SWS)

Prof. M. Varrelmann, Department of Crop Science, Division of Plant Virology


Stud Workload ------- 180 h (80 h contact time)

Type of instruction ---- Lecture (25h), Practical ( 55 h)

Frequency (WS/SS) ---------WS

Duration ---------- one semester

Prof. M. Varrelmann, Division of Plant Virology

Methods for detection of plant viruses are the main topic of this module. Additionally in the lecture the classification of plant viruses, virus vectors and ways of transmission, symptoms caused by viruses in cultivated plants, the organization of the virus genom and gene expression of plant viruses will be presented. Selected methods of control will be discussed.

Diagnosis and detection of plant viruses:
Diagnosis by test plants, ELISA, Immunocapture-RT-PCR, separation of nucleic acids and total protein extracts, morphological description of viruses in electron micrographs.
Electron micrographs of virus inclusion bodies

Knowledge of the classic and molecular plant virology; acquisition of practical detection methods of plant viruses using electronic microscopy, immunological techniques and molecular biological methods;
Students will be able to formulate scientific questions and to critically judge methods based on their own practical experience in the laboratory.

Exam requirements
Thorough knowledge of the detection methods presented and virus biology.

Written examination, 45 minutes

Entrance requirements------------none

Number of students ------12