M.Agr. 0094 Basics of Molecular Biology in Crop Protection (6 C/4 SWS)

Jun. Prof. Dr. M Varrelmann, Dr. A. Sirrenberg,


Student Workload – 180h ( 56 h contact time)

Type of instruction - Lecture

Frequency (WS/SS) ---- SS

Duration --- one semester

The use of biochemical and molecular techniques in agricultural research and diagnostics becomes more and more important. This lecture presents the basics necessary for understanding these methods providing the basis for more advanced practicals and lectures. The following topics will be presented:
Structure and function of macromolecules ( proteins, DNA, RNA,carbohydrates)
- function of enzymes
- DNA- replication
- transcription and translation
- introduction to PCR
- lipids and membranes
- structure of cell walls of different groups of organisms and its significance in crop protection

Students will understand the basics of the main laboratory tests used in agricultural research like ELISA and PCR and gain basic knowledge of plant breeding and plant pest resistance at the biochemical and molecular level.

Exam requirements
Structure of macromolecules, initial substances, typical bindings, function and significance

Examination --- Written examination, 45 minutes

Entrance requirements --- none

Number of students ----20