M.Cp.0004 Plant Diseases and Pests in Temperate Zones (6 ECTS, 4 SWS)

Dr. B. Ulber, Dr. B. Koopman
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection


Type of instruction/contact hours
Lecture 36h / practical 10h/ field trip 10 h

Frequency (WS/SS) and duration
SS, one semester

Prof. Dr. A.v.Tiedemann, Dr. B. Ulber, Dr. B. Koopmann

Content and objectives
The main diseases and pests (fungi, viruses, bacteria, nematodes, mites, and insects ) of crops (arable crops, vegetables, fruit crops) in temperate climate zones will be presented. The symptoms, diagnosis, biology and life cycles, economic importance, possible control methods will be studied in lectures, practicals and field trips.

Students should be able to recognize and identify the main pests and diseases, understand the origin, distribution and dynamics of diseases and pests in the field as a basis for the development of control methods.

Exam requirements
Identification and diagnosis of plant pests and diseases of crops of the temperate climate zones, knowledge of the life cycle, distribution, and population dynamics.

45 minutes written examination

Examination prerequisite
Participitation in practicals and field trips

Maximum number of students