M.Cp.0005 Integrated Management of Pests and Diseases (6 ECTS, 4 SWS)

Prof. Dr. A. v. Tiedemann, Dr. B. Ulber
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection


Type of instruction/contact hours
Lecture / 56h

Frequency (WS/SS) and duration
WS, one semester

Prof. Dr. A.v.Tiedemann, Dr. B. Ulber

Content and objectives

The integrated pest management concept and its main components are presented with regard to the management of fungal plant pathogens (A.v. Tiedemann) and insect pests (B. Ulber) in temperate zones:
- preventive methods
- focused use of pesticides
- effect of cultural methods ( sowing date, soil preparation, fertilization, crop rotation, varieties) on occurrence, distribution and damage of plant pathogens and insect pests.
- diagnostics and quantification of damage symptoms; prognosis systems are discussed.

Students will be able to understand and develop plant protection strategies for plant pathogens and insect pests taking into consideration the crop production and cultural methods.

Exam requirements
Knowledge of the effect of crop production methods on the occurrence of plant diseases and insect pests in temperate zones, concept of integrated pest management

Oral examination 20 minutes

Entrance requirements
Maximum number of students
30 students