M.Cp.0010 Plant Pathology and Crop Protection Seminar (3C/2 SWS)

Prof. Dr. A. V. Tiedemann, Dr. B. Koopman
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Plant Pathology and Plant Protection
Prof. Dr. P.Karlovsky
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Molecular Phytopathology and Mycotoxin Research

Language ----English

Student Workload ----90 h (28h contact time)

Type of instruction -----Seminar,

Frequency (WS/SS) ---WS

Duration ---one semester

Prof. A.v. Tiedemann, Prof. Dr. P. Karlovsky, Dr. B. Koopman

In this seminar scientific projects, targets of research and results of research projects will be presented and discussed by the MSc students and members of the research staff. Techniques of presentation and the ability to critically review and discuss research results will be practiced which will suggest and lead to new thoughts for further research projects.

Students will learn to present, discuss and defend their own individual research project. They will be able to critically discuss scientific results and provide suggestions for improvement.

Examination: Presentation 20 minutes

Exam requirements: Knowledge of the respective scientific research area and techniques of presentation ( PC- presentation). Participitation in the discussion.

Entrance requirements: none

Number of Students: 30