M.Cp.0012 Weed Biology and Weed Management (6 C/4 SWS)

Dr. H.-H. Steinmann, Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment


Student Workload
180h ( 60h contact time)

Type of instruction
Lecture (40 h ), Seminar ( 20 h)

one semester


Dr. H.-H. Steinmann

The module deals with the biology of weeds and management of weed populations. The botanical weed characteristics and population biology will be presented. Important weeds of Europe and other parts of the world will be presented and the damage caused discussed. Different methods of control are presented: chemical, physical control as well as preventive cultural methods.
Actual problems in crop production caused by weeds are discussed. Legal and international aspects of weed dissemination, damage caused and methods of control will be discussed.
In the seminar part students will present recent research papers from literature and discuss these in context with the topics presented in the lecture.

Knowledge of the main weed species, their characteristics, ecology, competition and damage.
Students will understand the dynamics and parameters of weed populations.
Knowledge of weed control methods, their possibilities and limitations. Students will be able to formulate criteria for selecting suitable weed management techniques. They will know how to theoretically work on a topic in weed science and understand international aspects of weed dissemination, populations and weed management...

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge of weed characteristics, biology and ecology. Knowledge of the main weed
control techniques, including herbicides, their mode of action and examples. Knowledge of the main weeds worldwide and ways of management. Ability to associate weed populations with present crop production systems and develop control strategies.

Oral examination 20 minutes (67 %)
Seminar presentation 20 minutes (33%)

Entrance requirements

Number of students