Microscopes/optical laboratory

The microscope lab has facilities for
1) high resolution digital photography in transmitted light
2) high resolution slide scanning, also in panorama format for large field of view
3) general microscopy for masters and bachelors theses
4) vitrinite reflectance measurements

If you need to use the laboratory, please let us know who you are and what you are doing. To access the room you need the key from the key safe mounted on the column nearest to the lab door.
Please contact David Hindle for more information and the key code.

Please use one of the following calendars to reserve time on the different microscopes If you are using something other than the Zeiss photomicroscope or the Panorama scanner, then please specify in the "other" calendar what other instrument you are using. (not currently working! We're working on it though!)

Zeiss photomicroscope reservation calendar
Panorama slide scanner stereomicroscope reservation calendar
Other usage of the microscope lab