P12 SIA Crops and Production Systems in the Tropics (6 ECTS/4 SWS)

Dr. M.Worbes
Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Tropical Crop Production


Type of instruction/contact hours
Lecture / 56 h

Frequency (WS/SS) and duration
WS / one semester

Dr.M. Worbes, Dr. R. Kühne

Content and objectives
Presentation of the most important crops with respect to: botany, morphology, origin, climatic and ecological requirements. Crop production, harvest significance in local farming systems, utilisation as
food, feed, raw materials and as bioenergy source. Discussion of specific cropping systems in the tropics and subtropics und specific management systems for the sustainable improvement of productivity.

Knowledge of botanical, ecological and economical facts of crops and cropping systems. The students should be able to classify crops and cropping systems in relation to site conditions and undertake
system-orientated evaluation of sustainable production.

Exam requirements
- knowledge of of botanical, ecological and agronomical characters of the tropical crops presented
- relating crops and crop production systems to different locations
- system -oriented judgement of sustainable crop production at different locations

Written examination / 90 Minutes

Entrance requirements
Number of students