Silvie Klein-Franke

PhD in natural sciences, consultant and Coach for human resource development and diversity management

Prof. Silvie Klein-Franke studied Biology at the University of Freiburg and got her PhD there at the Max Planck Institute of Immunology in 1991. Further education and degrees in Affirmative Action, Careers Counseling and Diversity Management followed.
She now has 16 years of experience in international management and leadership, among others she was coordinator to an International Women’s University, has reorganized a university language-center and has build up a university placement center. Her consulting and training is dedicated to Diversity, Intercultural Management, Leadership, Learning Organization, Effective Teaching and Career Counseling. Her ambitious personal-skill-development-program was awarded a Constantinus Austria Award in 2008. She is Certified Management Consultant (CMC) for companies like Rolls-Royce Europe, Lufthansa and others. She works for non-profit and public organizations like the universities of Göttingen, Stuttgart, Würzburg and others. She further contributed talks to the Women’s Academy in Munich, Femtech Austria and the international women’s engineers conference icwes. She became an EU authorized expert for Gender and Research and for Education (Leonardo da Vinci Program). She has raised 4 children.

Since 2008 at the Management Center in Innsbruck (a university of applied sciences), Austria, she is professor for Human Resources, Organizational Development and Change in three study programs, among them the General Management for Professionals-Program that ranked first at the 2011 CHE-ranking. Her own management consulting company is called Ideas X Skills,

"Dr. Klein-Franke’s interdisciplinary interests and knowledge make her able to see relationships as well as points of conflict in cross-disciplinary work. She has always been able to both respect the perspective of others and to suggest additional approaches to be considered. She has a sharp analytical mind and excels at quickly understanding many fields of study. Her intercultural abilities and knowledge and interpersonal skills enable her to put people from very diverse backgrounds, ages and cultures at ease, and to encourage them to expand and clarify to lessen the possibilities of misunderstandings." Cheris Kramarae, international dean of International Women’s University Project Area Information, 2001, Prof. Emerita Speech Communication and Sociology, English as an International Language, University of Illinois, USA.

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