• Ana Lucia Arbaiza Bayona ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Prenatal and postnatal maternal influence on personality development in wild Assamese macaques

  • Saba Amirhaftehran ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Levels of complexity of Theory of Mind (developmental perspective)

  • Leonie Baumann ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Factors in the early emergence of modal cognition

  • Aishwarya Bhonsle ◌ Kognitive Neurologie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: Contribution of heart-brain interactions to conscious visual perception

  • Natalie Bleijlevens ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: The role of pragmatics in disambiguation and the relation between referent selection and retention

  • Tiffany Claire Bosshard ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social selectivity and the link between social and ecological risk taking in Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus)

  • Laura Botzet ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: Psychological Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives

  • Martina De Eccher ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    Projekt: The role of digital automatized feedback in early word learning

  • Isa Garbisch ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Cognitive Foundations of Ascribing Intentional Action

  • Luz Maria Rivera Guevara ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Influence of social play on the dynamics of social bonds in assamese macaques

  • Alice Hill ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Drivers and consequences of male care in wild macaques

  • Marie Hirel ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social evaluation and decision-making in macaques

  • Elif Karakoc ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Social Learning in Social Networks: On the interplay between innovation, information transmission and individuals’ social value

  • Ben Kawam Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: How between-group competition and within-group relatedness interact to shape social structure

  • Sophie-Claire Lusser ◌ Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie
    Projekt: Emergence of leadership

  • Sriranjani Manivasagam ◌ Kognition, Emotion und Verhalten
    Projekt: Neurocognitive mechanisms of emotion communication

  • Marlene Meyer ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: From Individual to Social Metacognition: Metacognitive Development in Early Childhood

  • Carolin Niederbremer◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Drivers and consequences of male care in wild macaques

  • William O'Hearn ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social evaluation and partner choice in the tolerant multi-level society of Guinea baboons

  • Sabine Ostermann ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: Personality predictors, hormonal reactivity and affective consequences of emerging social status in human groups

  • Sofia Pereira ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Acquisition and use of social information in wild Assamese macaques

  • Johannes Ruß ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: Interindividual Differences in Transparent Dyadic Interactions

  • Rajalakshmi Satarai Madhavan ◌Psychologie der Sprache
    PhD project: Language acquisition under a curiosity-driven framework: the interaction between input and selective interest.

  • Esther Semmelhack ◌ Kognition, Emotion und Verhalten
    Projekt: Identifying psychophysiological parameters that reliably predict user performande in a dynamic human robot interaction

  • Shivani ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Sociality and female fitness in wild Assamese macaques

  • Fatih Sivridag ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    Projekt: Interactive alignment between pre-schoolers during L2 live video communication

  • Tamara Sorg ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Evolution of prosocial behavior: a meta-analysis and new experiments

  • Pinar Yurt ◌ Kognitive Neurowissenschaft, DPZ
    Projekt: Natural distribution of cognitive abilities in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) and common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus)


  • Lena Ackermann ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    Projekt: Exploring infants' learning

  • Laura Almeling ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Aging and its impact on sociality in Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus)

  • Simone Anza ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Prenatal stress effects on sociality, health and fitness in wild Assamese macaque

  • Anaïs Avilés de Diego ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Patterns of social behaviour and partner preferences in infants, yearlings and juveniles of wild Guinea baboons (Papio papio)

  • Nicolas Becker ◌ Experimentelle Psychologie
    Projekt: Is semantic priming possible without consciousness?

  • Peter Bednarik ◌ Evolution von Kooperation, CRC "Evolution des Sozialverhaltens"
    Projekt: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Evolution of Cooperative Behavior

  • Eva Ricarda Bothe ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    PhD project: Crossing the borders: the interplay of language, cognition and the brain in early human development

  • Katja Brodmann ◌ Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: The influence of oxytocin on the neural activity implicated in action control and decision making

  • Lauren Cassidy ◌ Kognitive Neurowissenschaft, DPZ
    Projekt: Advancing multi-modal laboratory animal welfare assessment systems towards objectivity and comparability

  • Federica Dal Pesco ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Dynamics and fitness benefits of male-male social bonds in wild Guinea baboons (Papio papio)

  • Charlotte Defolie ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie, DPZ
    Projekt: A healthy social life? Sociality, stress and indicators of health in wild redfronted lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons)

  • Ronja Demel ◌ Affektive Neurowissenschaft und Psychophysiologie
    Projekt: The Role of Emotion in Moral Judgments: Behavioral and Electrophysiological Evidence

  • Delphine de Moor ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Paternal and maternal kin biases in the social behavior of male and female wild Assamese macaques

  • Julie Driebe ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt:Predictive Validity and Change of Partner Preferences: A Longitudinal Investigation

  • Johanna Eckert ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: The evolutionary roots of intuitive statistics

  • Sarah Eiteljörge ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    Projekt: Cross-domain influences of early word and action learning

  • Neele Engelmann ◌ Kognitionswissenschaften und Entscheidungspsychologie
    Projekt: The Role of Causal Representations in Moral Judgment

  • Lauriane Faraut ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social monitoring in a multilevel primate society

  • Christine Haunhorst ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Evolutionary Origin of the Human Pair-Bond - the Adaptive Significance of Male-Female Friendships in Wild Assamese Macaques

  • Johanna Henke-von der Malsburg ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Cognition in two sympatrically living mouse lemur species, the Gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus) and the Madame Berthe's mouse lemur (Microcebus berthae)

  • Annika Grass ◌ Experimentelle Psycholinguistik, CRC "Textstrukturen"
    Projekt: Origins of Early Emotion Effects in Written and Spoken Word Processing

  • Francesco Grassi ◌ Kognition, Emotion und Verhalten
    Projekt: Modulations of emotional valence by motivational salience

  • Daria Gutleb ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Integrating Behavior, Hormones & Genes associated with the Primate HPA-Axis

  • Wiebke Hammerschmidt ◌ Affektive Neurowissenschaft und Psychophysiologie
    Projekt: Dissociating Biological and Associated Salience in Human Faces

  • Feride Nur Haskaraca Kizilay ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: The scopes, limits, and the cognitive foundations of implicit theory of mind

  • Jonas Hermes ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Cognitive foundations and ontogenetic roots of selective trust in preschoolers

  • Franziska Hübner ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie, DPZ
    Projekt: The link between cognition and fitness in wild gray mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus)

  • Marina Josephs ◌ Biologische Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: The relation between normative assessment and mental state reasoning

  • Julia Jünger ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: Hormones, personality and social signalling

  • Tobias Kordsmeyer ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: The effects of male testosterone reactivity in the mating context on self- and observer-rated personality

  • Alexandra Korzeczek ◌ Klinische Neurophysiologie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: Neurophysioglogical mechanisms enhancing speech fluency of persons who stutter

  • Alexander Kraut ◌ Experimentelle Psychologie
    Projekt: Unmasking the perception of temporal successions: bridge building between metacontrast masking and temporal integration and segregation processes

  • Adi Lausen ◌ Affektive Neurowissenschaft und Psychophysiologie
    Projekt: Emotion communication: neurocognitive mechanisms and inter-individual differences

  • Elisabeth Lindner ◌ Sensomotorik, DPZ
    Projekt: Sensory attenuation and agency

  • Kristina Miloserdov ◌ Kognitive Neurologie
    Projekt: Visual perception in Parkinson's disease: Dissocation of vision for action and vision for perception

  • Nadja Miosga ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Selective advice taking in children

  • Davide Montanari ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Group Coordination in Guinea Baboons

  • Caio Margarido Moreira ◌ Kognitive Neurowissenschaften, DPZ
    Projekt: Neural mechanisms of mental and physical effort in adaptive decision-making in primates

  • Juan Carlos Marulanda Hernández ◌ Kognitionswissenschaften und Entscheidungspsychologie
    Projekt: Moral Judgments about Permissible and Non-permissible Harm in War

  • Nadine Müller ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: The costs and benefits of sociality in semi-free ranging Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus)

  • Sonia Tatiana Murillo Corrales ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social relationships: key to gut microbiome composition in wild redfronted lemurs?

  • Niina Nurmi ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: The tolerant chimpanzee - Quantifying the costs and benefits of sociality in wild female bonobos (Pan paniscus)

  • Vivien Outters ◌ Psychologie der Sprache
    Projekt: Infant-driven learning from different kinds of social signals

  • Nese Oktay-Gür ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Theory of Mind and Intentionality Development

  • Sarah Placì ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Statistical learning and social inferences in human children and nonhuman primates

  • Annika Primaßin ◌ Klinische Neurophysiologie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: Structural and functional brain correlates of long-term clinical improvement of speech fluency in adults who stutter undergoing intense stuttering therapy

  • Lea Prox ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Social structure and stable affiliative relationships

  • Johanna Prüfer ◌ Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie
    Projekt: Emergence of Leadership

  • Yasaman Rafiee ◌ Affektive Neurowissenschaft und Psychophysiologie
    Projekt: Endocrinologic and neural basis of emotion perception during the menstrual cycle

  • Eva-Maria Rathke ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Determinants of cognititve performance and social preferences across age in Barbary macaques

  • Anja Richter ◌ Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: Functional neuroimaging of pathophysiological mesolimbic dopamine system and aberrant motivational salience in schizophrenia

  • Alan Rincon ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: The quality of affiliative relationships and endogenous oxytocin

  • Marie Ritter ◌ Sozial- und Kommunikationspsychologie
    Projekt: Effective decision making in groups - HoneyComb as a tool in decision research

  • Johannes Rollwage ◌ Wirtschafts- und Sozialpsychologie
    Projekt: Emergence of leadership: Predicting leadership initiative and followership from individual traits and behavioral styles

  • Katja Rudolph ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Health consequences of group size variation in Verreaux's sifakas (Propithecus verreauxi)

  • Baptiste Sadoughi ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Effects of progressing age on energy balance, sociality and health in wild female Assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis)

  • Jana Samland ◌ Kognitionswissenschaften und Entscheidungspsychologie
    Projekt: The mutual influence of judgments of causality, intentionality and morality: Cognitive processes and intercultural comparison

  • Lukas Schad ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Auditory and social learning and its link to social network position in West African green monkeys (Chlorocebus sabaeus)

  • Lara Schleifenbaum ◌ Biologische Persönlichkeitspsychologie
    Projekt: Hormone-linked shifts in female motivational priorities and empathic accuracy in romantic couples

  • Lydia Schidelko ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Meta-cognition and its developmental consequences for social cognition and pragmatics

  • Benjamin Schmid ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Learning from reliable and unreliable speakers

  • Britta Schünemann ◌ Kognitive Entwicklungspsychologie
    Projekt: Do we have two systems to explain and evaluate other people's behavior? - A systematic examination of the 2-system theory

  • Anne Sommerfeld ◌ Experimentelle Psychologie
    Projekt: Do different types of masking interfere with information processing on different levels in the visual hierarchy

  • Mareike Spengler ◌ Soziale Interaktion und Entwicklungsneurowissenschaften - UMG
    Projekt: Social Avoidance and Reinforcment Learning in Psychiatric Diseases

  • Anna Sperber ◌ Soziobiologie & Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: The role of social network structure and personality in group movement decisions in red-fronted lemurs

  • Simon Stephan ◌ Kognitionswissenschaften und Entscheidungspsychologie
    Projekt: The mutual influence of generic-level causal information and single-case level causal information on causal cognition

  • James Stranks ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Social buffering and genetic variation in wild macaques

  • Rowan Titchener ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: Social information sampling and decision-making: An evolutionary and ontogenetic perspective

  • Sonia Touitou ◌ Verhaltensökologie
    Projekt: Physiology and energetics of female reproduction in wild assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis)

  • Dominique Treschnak ◌ Kognitive Ethologie, DPZ
    Projekt: The microcosm of Guinea baboon units: Regulation of mating and social relationships within the basal level of the Guinea baboon society

  • Sarah Wolter ◌ Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, Universitätsmedizin
    Projekt: Pathophysiological changes of neurofunctional interaction between hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens in schizophrenia

  • Annika Ziereis ◌ Affektive Neurowissenschaft und Psychophysiologie
    Projekt: Audio-visual integration in emotion communication- neurophysiological evidence