Published scientific datasets

  1. Luijendijk, Elco; Winter, Theis; Köhler, Saskia; Ferguson, Grant; von Hagke, Christoph; Scibek, Jacek (2020): Compilation of discharge, temperature, hydrochemistry and isotope data for thermal springs in the Alps. PANGAEA, Google earth kml files of spring locations also available on GitHub:

  2. Luijendijk, E., Gleeson, T., Moosdorf, N. (2019): Geospatial data and model results for a global model study of coastal groundwater discharge. PANGAEA,

  3. Gleeson, T., Befus, K., Jasechko, S., Luijendijk, E., Cardenas, M.B. (2016). Global_modern_groundwater_Gleesonetal. figshare Dataset.

  4. Ranjram, M., (2015). Permeability-Depth (KZ) Database by Ranjram, Gleeson, and Luijendijk 2015. figshare Dataset.

  5. Gleeson, T., (2015). Permeability data from Luijendijk and Gleeson, Table S1. figshare Dataset.