Travel expenses

In order to promote young academics and international participation, funds have been made available to cover the travel expenses of (active) participants partially.
For people travelling from inside Germany, a partial funding up to 100 Euro of the travel expenses can be covered. For international participants, a partial funding up to 500 Euro can be covered.
Please let us know when you send in your paper if you want to apply for this funding. If your paper is accepted, we ask you to send us the cost calculation of your conference trip and we`ll then let you know how much of your expenses will be covered.

  • Receipts must be submitted
  • No per diems can be covered
  • Expenses for first-class train and air travel cannot be reimbursed.

Due to the limited funding budget, we do not guarantee funding. But we`ll do our best to promote the participation of as much young and international scholars as possible.
If you have further questions concerning the conference or the funding options, please contact us (