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Travel Health Insurance (Auslandskrankenversicherung) and Travel Insurance (Reiseversicherung)

Travel insurance can be obtained directly from many insurance providers or arranged by many travel agencies, generally as a “package deal” of different insurances. In most cases, health insurance and personal liability insurance are the main components - as these constitute the most important insurances when travelling abroad. Consequently, if you already hold or if you are planning to take out health insurance and personal liability insurance from a German insurance provider, then it does not make that much sense to take out travel insurance in addition to this. However, if you plan to visit or if you are visiting Germany for a short term (e.g. as a student or scientist visiting a conference of one week duration), then it is probably a good idea to take out a travel insurance including health and liability insurance.

If your place of residence is in Germany and you plan to travel abroad (i.e. outside Germany), in particular when you plan to travel to a non-EU country, then it is worth thinking about taking out travel insurance.

In any case, terms, conditions and contributions depend on your country of residence, the countries you intend to travel to and the insurance provider. We would therefore recommend that you consult the various insurance providers directly.

Hint: Credit card holders should check whether their credit card comes with a travel insurance which is valid when the cardholder (or his/her spouse and children) travels abroad.