Report of Experience by Debora Guanella

Report of Experience by Debora Guanella,
(25) from Italy on Euroculture Göttingen, 2016

The decision to apply for the Euroculture MA in Göttingen right after completing my BA in Intercultural Mediation has been a brilliant move. Euroculture has helped me deepen my understanding of the complex interplay of culture and politics in today's Europe and its relation to the wider world. Eurocompetence Modules have also boosted my self-confidence and gave me the opportunity to improve both my academic and professional skills.
From the first day I came to Göttingen, I have loved it. With its vibrant student life and its perfectly-equipped campus, Göttingen is definitely the place to be for students from all over the world. Euroculture staff in Göttingen is incredibly friendly and eager to help the students by sharing their expertise with them.
Simply put, Euroculture in Göttingen is the best choice for those interested in discussing political and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary point of view in a stimulating and dynamic environment.