Research Seminar

The research seminar takes place on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. in the seminar room VG 4.104.

Date Name Title
26.10.22 Name Available
02.11.22 Name Available
09.11.22 Markus Fülle BEKKs: An R Package for Estimation of Conditional Volatility of Multivariate Time Series
16.11.22 Sebastian Hienzsch Which Global Cycle? A Stochastic Factor Selection Approach for Global Macro-Financial Cycles
18.11.22 Malte Lehna Forecast implementation and deep learning in the prediction of energy prices (2 pm, ZHG 8.163)
23.11.22 Yabibal Walle Determinants of Social Cohesion: Cross-country Evidence
30.11.22 René-Marcel Kruse Complexity of Deep Neural Networks: A Covariance Penalty Approach
07.12.22 Name Available
14.12.22 Chris-Gabriel Islam Non-scientific language in economics
21.12.22 Name Available
11.01.23 Name Available
18.01.23 Alexandra Daub Adaptive Step-Lengths in Gradient-based Boosting Algorithms for GAMLSS
25.01.23 Name Available
01.02.23 Gillian Kant To the Moon - A NLP-based insight on the phenomenon of small scale neo-broker trading (online only)
08.02.23 Lennart Empting Structural VAR Modeling for Heterogeneous Panels