Research Training Group 2636 "Form-meaning Mismatches"

This Research Training Group ('Graduiertenkolleg'), funded by the DFG, investigates the relationship between form and meaning, focusing on so-called "mismatches". This means that not every expression in a sentence contributes to its meaning and not every contribution of meaning has to correspond to an expression in the sentence. How these mismatches have developed in different natural languages and also in sign language, what functions they perform and what role they play in understanding and acquiring language is a question that has not yet been answered. This group aims to answer these questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between meaning and grammar, and does so by means of two series of 12 PhD projects carried out at Linguistics in Göttingen (LinG).

Marco Cognilio (Participating Researcher), Anke Holler (Participating Researcher), Götz Keydana (Participating Researcher), Guido Mensching (Participating Researcher), Uwe Junghans (Participating Researcher), Nivedita Mani (Participating Researcher), Gurmeet Kaur (coordinator), ​Stavros Skopetas (Participating Researcher), Caroline Spohrleder (Participating Researcher), Markus Steinbach (Participating Researcher), Clemens Steiner-Mayr (Participating Researcher), Thomas Weskott (Participating Researcher), Hedde Zeijlstra (Speaker & Participating Researcher)